Why Did I Choose “The Delicate Beauty Of My Soul?”


In this modern world women have had to learn to become several different roles.  Many times it is very hard to find the balance in our lives.  I have friends ask me if there is anything that I don’t do.  I have had that question in my mind for awhile now pondering over the meaning of it and how it does apply to my life.

Having been an advocate against injustice, I’ve had many tell me that I am courageous and don’t seem to fear challenges.  While I might feel fear, I force myself to walk through it. Then that is what made me realize, I don’t think I get to acknowledge enough the delicateness of my own soul.  As women we find we do have to wear so many different hats.

Amy Grant - Hats

Most of the time we don’t get the luxury of just wearing a beautiful delicate Easter bonnet. To be a weaker vessel, to be a delicate female.  We have learned we have to be strong women in order to survive. I am proud to be strong.  But have we now learned to fear that weaker more delicate side?  Did we sacrifice that in order to always be strong? 

So, I decided to honor that delicate side by starting this blog.  Thus the title “The Delicate Beauty of My Soul.”

I was not able to blog on here like I wanted too.  My other one took up much of my time, and I became burnt out and very ill.  Being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses has set me back.  I’ve been drawn back to this blog as I desperately need to do more for me. I am a work in progress in learning to listen to my own needs.  So, in learning to simply be, I welcome anyone else that wants to join this journey.

Pull up a chair and lets have a cup of tea.      ~ Melise ~

Lido Beach 1

Let The Sunshine In

Lido Beach 1

Lido Beach 2

Lido Beach 3

It has been raining so much that I have not been able to go to the beach.  I’m tired of the dreary skies.  I like being able to get my vitamin D via the sun.  Unfortunately, that’s not happening.  So, I’ve decided to create my own sense of sunshine today.  I’m looking back on photos of a beach day that I took this summer in June.  It was a gorgeous, sunshiny day!  While I reminisce, I will resort to vitamin D pill form!   

I pulled up as many sunshine songs as I could….Better get your sunglasses!   ;) 

~ Melise ~

What Do You See In The Mirror

What Do You See In The Mirror?

What Do You See In The Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  I mean, deep honest, gut feelings.  So many of us struggle every day because of the images that the media bombards us with on how we should look.  We compare how they they look to what we actually look like.  That alone can be discouraging.  Then if you factor in any type of personal problem, whether it be physical, social, mental, etc. related, it makes the feeling of self loathing go up.  We just can’t seem to measure up to what we or the world expects (or rather what the media expects.) 

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Disease.  I can’t do the things that I once did.  I get depressed and anxious at times or I get angry and cry because I can’t.  My life has been turned upside down.  It’s hard because people expect that I can still do these things and I feel I let them down, as well as myself.  I struggle with auto-immune issues and all it’s related problems.  I one time went through a period of losing most all of my hair on the crown of my head.  During that time I resorted to wearing hats.  I never had worn hats before that, but I developed a love for them!  I now have all my hair back,  but during stressful times, I still tend to lose hair.  But, because of the love that I developed for hats, I now own several hat boxes filled to the brim!!

I’m learning daily to try to love this new person that I’ve become.  To realize that I still have gifts even if I can’t use them all the time.  I love to encourage others to use their gifts as you never know when they might be taken away from you.  Now you know why I love capturing moments that bring me serenity and happiness.  Why I like to honor the beautiful things in life that brings beauty to our soul.  That delicate side that we tend to push away.

What do you see in the mirror?    ~ Melise ~  

Sarasota Bay Boating

When The Sun Says Good Night

SRQ Bay Boating

I love watching the sunrises and sunsets. There is just something so pure and magical as the sun is making itself known or when it is saying good night.  These are photos that I took as I was out on the bay or on the island.  I am blessed to live in such an environment.  It’s the simple things like this that calms the soul,while the world is going crazy.   ~ Melise ~

SRQ Bay Sunset

Anna Marie Island Sunset1

Anna Marie Island Sunset

Anna Marie Island Sunset2

Only Hope


Photo Credit Unknown

Don’t miss opportunities because of fear.  

I think of one of my favorite movies, “A Walk To Remember”, by Nicholas Sparks. A popular young man who is rebellious and and known to be a renegade meets a quiet, good girl that is looked down on by the popular crowd at school. Both of their lives change in ways they never could have imagined.  This movie is based on a true story.  If they would have let fear, differences, popularity, social class, etc. get in the way, they would have missed out on the biggest miracle of their lives.  How many times do we let things get in the way of what could be our only hope?  A hope that could be life changing.   I just want to encourage you to go out on a limb in your life.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Live life!    ~ Melise ~

A Valentine Hero

Image Credit Unknown 

Valentines Day for lovers is usually a blissful day to look forward too.   For those that do not have a special someone in their life, it’s a day of misery.   Who says that singles can’t celebrate Valentines?  Have you ever celebrated you?  Have you ever loved you?  Can you look in the mirror and say… that person looking back at me is worth loving?   We all struggle at times with who we are,  and why things aren’t different in our life.   We think that if we could change this or that, or once something happens in our life then it will all get better.    

I want you to stop…take a deep breath.  Today is your life.  It is what it is, for now.  You may not be where you want to be, but you are not where you once were.   If you are alive, that is a miracle.  Many around the world are being slaughtered.  Those people will never get to celebrate another day of their lives, let alone Valentines Day.  If you are able to go to work, count yourself blessed.  Many are without jobs and would just like to be able to make enough to take care of themselves.  If you are able to walk and function, that is amazing.   So many people are disabled and would love to be able to get around on their own.   If you have freedom, that is coveted by many around the world. 

Do you realize how many people would love to have the life you have?  They think if they were just “you” everything would be great!   Celebrate your life, your heart, your strength!  Have a love affair with life and live! You will never get yesterday back, but you do have tomorrow and the next day!  Give yourself a Valentines Day card, show yourself love.  Share the day with a friend, a neighbor or go visit a hospital, a veterans hospital, a nursing home, the list is endless.  This should be the true meaning of Valentines Day.  Sharing love and showing that we care to our fellow man.  Couples usually already know that their partner loves them.  How about showing people that are lonely, wounded, sick or possibly dying that THEY are loved too. That someone does care.   Your heart will shine brighter, I guarantee it. 

~ Melise ~



Beyond The Veil


Photo Credit Unkown

Beyond The Veil means – In a mysterious or hidden place or state.

As a child I believe it was easier to believe in the unknown.  To believe in fantasies, dreams, nightmares, even life after death.  As adults we tend to over-think and over-analyze everything and not leave any room for faith in the unknown.   We plod along in this life burdened down with every day living.  Forgetting the joy we had as children, to allow our minds to wander beyond the veil.  As adults what are we afraid of, that as children we seemed to have more courage?   Allow yourself  to be as a child again, journey back into your dreams.   Find that creative, mysterious place within you.  I believe that when we can incorporate the stark reality and the mysterious, hidden place of creativity, we can find a better balance of peace of mind and joy in our every day surroundings. 

~ Melise ~

The new release from Lindsey Stirling inspired me.  I hope it brings as much wonder into your life as it did in mine.