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It’s Not Far Down To Paradise

My time is so enjoyable at the beach, it is when I can relax the most.  The sound of the waves and the seagulls de-stress me.  When I took these I was thinking of the song “Sailing” and that I could easily sail away on a beautiful day like this!  I have to come back to Florida for a touch of paradise.      ~Melise~


It’s not far down to paradise,  At least it’s not for me

And if the wind is right you can sail away
And find tranquility
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me

It’s not far to never never land
No reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy
Of innocence again
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me
Takes me away
To where I’ve always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

It gets the best of me
When i’m sailing
All caught up in the reverie
Every word is a symphony
Won’t you believe me

It’s not far back to sanity
At least it’s not for me
And when the wind is right you can sail away
And find serenity
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me

My Kokomo

This is Venice Beach in Florida.  It is further south, this beach is well known for it’s sharks teeth and shells.  When we feel more in the spirit to go searching we bring our Florida snow shovels and we pan for sharks teeth and shells that are in the water and have not made it ashore yet.  There is a bounty to behold.  This area is more rocky and the sand is gritty, harder on the feet.  But that is what makes the difference of this kind of beach where the waves bring in such fine specimens.  Another way of relaxing in paradise.  I realize as I look more and more at these photo’s that I have been collecting and storing away how blessed I am to have the pleasure of visiting these places. 

Welcome To My Kokomo

Walk With Me

Back to the beach and yes the sand is as white as the snow. But it feels like very fine soft flour when you walk in it.  One of our local beaches was voted #1 in America.  It was this one, known as Siesta Key.  The sand has so many crystals in it that it sparkles just like snow.  I wish you were able to take your shoes off and be able to walk across the landscape just to feel the texture.  Just to relax.


This is one of my favorite ways to relax is being at the beach at any time of the day.  The crashing of the waves, the breeze across my body, the sound of seagulls around me. looking at the beautiful reflections of the sun sparkling on the water like diamonds or the colors of the sunset or sunrise that look as if they came from an artists array of colors.  This is a photo that I took on one of my many outings where I go to look for peace and tranquility.   ~ Melise ~