When You Believe

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As I was walking out of the Capitol, a State Representative said to me “Ms. Jordan hang in there and I hope everything works out.”  My first response was ” I am believing that it will.”  He smiled as we both continued walking the opposite way.   Another State Representative said that she “admired the work and what was being done.”  Senators have told me to “continue to do what I am doing and stay on that path.”    I know that I have taken a journey in my life that requires me to believe in miracles or I must quit what I am doing.   To speak about truth, honor, justice and kindness to our fellow man that is suffering is not a popular subject, especially in today’s political world. It is especially not popular when it is those that are forgotten.    My whole life and being has to be full of  a belief in miracles or what I am asking for will never happen.   I know within my heart that what I am doing is right, I am told by others that I am making a difference.  Of course in my own self I want immediate results, but for the good of the whole I have to give up what I myself wants and go for the change that is needed for all.  It gets tiring, it gets lonely, it is hard and it can be painful, but I know that it is right. Why?  Because I do see the miracles that are happening around me. And as I see them, I ask and pray for bigger ones.  Miracles for more than just me. 

5 thoughts on “When You Believe

    • Thank you. I really do appreciate the kind words. It takes everything within me to do what I am doing, but at the end of the day I feel good about it. I do believe that it is making a difference. :-)

  1. in case i haven’t told you already (and even if i have) i admire the heck out of what you’re doing and as such admire the heck out of you as well! continue to fight “the good fight”

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